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SHURE UR56D Digital Dedicated Professional Outdoor Microphone

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Product Name: SHURE UR56D PDigital Dedicated Professional Outdoor Microphone
Brand: Shure
Model: UR56D
Mic Connectivity: UHF (Wireless)
Mic Length: 25.5cm length with on/off button
Mic 1 Frequency: 755.1 MHz
Mic 2 frequency: 724.9 MHz
Color: As shown in the picture
Package: 1 x Set of SHURE UR56D Microphone

Hight on-stage levels
Easy to use, all in one package singer, speaker, presenters, etc.
High-Quality Product and affordable price
Comes With Wireless Reciever For Enhanced Mobility
Wide Frequency Response - digital control circuit. Resist disturbing strongly, be standing by noises output to zero
Super silent function, low T.H.D. so the bass is rich, mediant is brightness, and alt is clear.
No hitting when putting on the switch so can protect the amplifier and speakers.
With a complete working state and hand, hand-held microphones power level indicating. (The signal lamp shine continues to replace the battery)
With a wide use range of over 50M in a good surrounding, for 30M in a duplicate one.
Used in the entertainment places as a larger and a middle stage, karaoke hall or at home, etc.

1. Receiving system: Fixed frequency by quartz-controlled
2. Receiving sensitivity: 60dB S/N ratio.(12dBu).S/N ratio: >100dB
3. Audio output level: Unbalanced mode of CHA + B:0~0.5V/5K Unbalanced mode of CHA&CHB :0~0.5V/50K
4. Power supply: AC 110 or 220V.(+10%).
5. Receiver size: 20.5 x 17.5 x 4.7 cm

1. RF power output: 30m W (MAX)
2. Spurious EMISSIONS: Over 45dB carrier ware.
3. Antenna: Built-in.
4. Microphone element: Unidirectional dynamic microphone
5. Battery: standard 2ps AA battery required
6. Current consumption: About 25m A
7. Battery life: approx. Over 8hrs continuous operation

SHURE UR56D Digital Dedicated Professional Outdoor Microphone
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