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LF 4 Strands 100M PE Braided Super Strong Fishing Line Saltwater

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Product name

Four strands 100 m multicolored woven yarn PE ing line



Color multicolored


1. High-tech weaving technology (using circular textile technology, uniform and fine thread diameter, smooth appearance)

2. Smooth line and faster water cutting (high quality PE line is smoother, faster water cutting and less friction, good line quality and lower drag force of in water)

3. Soft processing and anti-winding (soft and zero absorption of the wire body, circular spinning technology, anti-winding)

4. Stronger tensile force (both flexibility and luster are excellent, with strong tensile force)

5. Flexible and smooth without fuzz (zero memory, no fuzz, more sensitive for season transmission, tough and wear-resistant, soft wire body without damaging guide ring)

6. No extension, anti-static and waterproof (high waterproof special resin processing, good waterproof effect, the line body will become thinner and more usable after use)

ing line maintenance

1. After each ing, the clean ing line should be wrapped gently on the reel in time, and the ing line should be relaxed as much as possible. It should not be stretched, because the ing line will lose its original elasticity after a long time.

2. Coil winder is better to choose the circular one. The four sides of the square coil winder are all right angles. The strength of the curve point of the line will decrease, and the line will be released with a cloth to clean the water on the line, because the water quality of the ing area is many, including a certain amount of oil, salt, alkali, acid and other components. If the water containing these ingredients is not wiped dry, a dropped line will be weakened by corrosion.

3. All ing lines should be stored in a dry, dark and pollution-free place, so as to avoid damp deterioration and aging.

4. When you go out ing, wrap the reel with the line, do not put it together with other sundry things, so as not to scratch the line, and do not put it together with oil. If the ing line is found to change color, fade, yellow, etc., or crisp.

Explain the ing line has aging or began to aging, should be replaced in time, cut can not coax luck and leave a broken line running hidden

Packing list: 100 m ing line*1


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