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3W Clinic Professional Powder #23, 30g

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  • Product name: 3W Clinic Professional Powder #23, 30g
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3W Clinic Professional Natural Make-up/Loose Powder by DoDo Company. DoDo Company, the manufacturer of Palgantong has changed its name to 3W Clinic since 2009. ALL NEW versions of palgantong powder now use the name of 3W Clinic in Korea. This is the professional version used by professional backstage make-up artists andare imported directly from Korea.  PALGANTONG was first launched in Korea in 1999. It is very popular among Korean Movie Stars and 4 out of 5 Korean ladies have tried this amazing power. Firstly, it was only introduced to professional make-up artists, such as those who worked for Korean TV broadcast stations like SBS and KBS. In 1989, more professional make-up artists started to use the theatrical powder. Slimming Effect : Makes your face look slimmer with a three-dimension effect caused by light reflections. Long Lasting Effect : Strong against water or sweat. Does not stain/smudge easily. Excellent long lasting functional powder. Blooming Effect : The scattering effect of the light-scattering power creates bright and splendid skin. Super Hydrating Effect :Maintains your skin's moisture all day long. It prevents moisture evaporation and thus creating silky skin. #mykirkron #brandnew #authentic #freeshippingshopee #imonshopee #legit #legitseller #3wclinic #powder #loosepowder #imported #forher #giftsforgirls #koreancosmetics #korean #palgantong #legitseller #asianbeauty #koreanbeauty

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