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  • How To Place An Order Online

Step 1. Search for the name of the item you wish to buy using the search field or browse through our category sections using the menu on the lower left corner of your mobile screen.

Step 1

Step 2. Once you have found the item you are looking for click the image to proceed.

Step 2 final

Step 3. Review the item details such as Pricing and Product Description by sliding down your mobile screen.


Description 1

Description 2

Step 4. Once you have decided that everything is okay. Click "Buy Now"  and choose your desired color or size to proceed with the check out process.

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5. Key in the verification code you will receive via text message or continue check out by just using your Facebook details.

Step 5

Step 6. Complete the order form by providing your shipping details and choosing your desired payment method. Click "Submit" to finalize your order.

 Step 6

Step 7. Congratulations! You just made your first order. Please expect an email and text message updates regarding the status of your order.

Step 7

Note: Please allow our Sellers to get in touch with you within 24-48 hours to confirm all the details of your order. Please be advised that our Sellers have the authority to cancel the order if you have failed to respond through text or answer their phone call within 48 hours.