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Official site: https://www.panasonic.com
Panasonic Corporation, based in Osaka, Japan is a worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of electronic products for a wide range of consumer, business, and industrial needs.
In the Asia Pacific Region, Panasonic has a long standing presence beginning from its first factory in Thailand in 1961. Over the years, Panasonic's operation has rapidly expanded in the region. Today, its operations span across 9 countries with a total of 75 companies, employing a total workforce of about 82,000 and recording consolidated net sales of US$77.19 billion for the year ended March 31, 2007.
In 2001, Panasonic Asia Pacific assumed the role of a regional headquarters for the Asia and Oceania region, providing support in logistics, information communication, financial services, human resource development and productivity enhancement for Panasonic companies in the region.
Matsushita Electric Trading (S) Pte Ltd (METOS) was established on 24 June 1974.METOS was reorganised to Asia Matsushita Electric (S) Pte Ltd (AMS) in 1 April 1989. AMS was renamed Matsushita Electric Asia Pte Ltd (MA) on 1 April 2001. As a global brand unification movement of Panasonic, MA was officially called Panasonic Asia Pacific (PA) from 1 Oct 2004.




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