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Rósa Floweryvale
Official site: http://www.rosafloweryvale.com

Rósa Floweryvale was born in September 2014 in Hong Kong. As the very first explorer in making and selling Rose tea, we are always targeting in providing the nature and highest quality product.

The seeds that formed the foundation of RósaFloweryvale were first planted in 2012 when our founder Xiaoling Chen discovered that rose tea can harmonizing her interior and aiding digestion. She stared her research on rose tea and surprisingly found out many sound effects brought by rose tea. Aside from what she benefited from rose tea, roses have functions of promoting blood circulation, soothing liver and even eliminating the spots on skin. She then made her decision to build her own rose band. In order to find the best rose in China, she started her extensively searching and finally found one prestigious rose kind with long history, Pingyinrosesin a beautiful village in Shandong province. Under her efforts, she developed close relationships with farmers and distributors and successfully made Rósa Floweryvale a famous rose tea brand with great reputation and numerous faithful customers.