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Official site: http://www.tfecebu.com

i.      Manufacturer/Importer of:

1.    Silicone Sealants (Prosil, Durasil, and Silwel)

2.    TFE Brad Nails

3.    TFE Blind Rivets

4.    Screws:  Tekscrew, Hardiflex Screws, Jobscrews, Metal Screws Wafer

5.    Boards: Boral Gypsum Board, Primaflex Cement Fiber Boards, Robin Medium Density Fiber Board (MDF) CARB 2, Versaboard PVC Board

6.    Gypsum Powder, Boral Cornice Compound, Boral UB-888

7.    TFE PPR (Polypropylene Reinforced) Pipes for Hot and Cold Water Line

8.    TFE Staples (410J, 413J, 416J, 419J, 3315, 3522)

9.    TFE Brad/Finishing Nails (F10-F30 nail series)

10.  Prestige Office Furniture (Chairs, Tables, Cabinets and Partitions)

11. Lifting Equipment [Hand Pallet, Stacker, Drum Carrier]

12. CT Power Toyota Forklift




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