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Official site: http://www.hug.com.ph

For the past 8 years, Hug Int'l Electronics Corp. strives to continuously improve in all aspects to better serve its customers.

Since being granted ISO certification on Apr 2004, the company provides over 3,000 overseas employments, and its main manufacturing area located at Shen Zhen City, just 15 minutes drive from Bao-An Airport, already occupies an 18,000 sq. meter production area which is fully equipped with state of the art machineries.

Since its foundation, the company thrives to attract outstanding individuals through diversified channels that play an important role in the company’s success. Every single employee at Hug Int'l Electronics Corp. and all its enterprises were carefully trained to assure its commitment to stand by its corporate mission.

The company is managed by exceptionally knowledgeable senior managers. It also makes use of modern management type of operation in order to adapt with the demands of its target market. With the combined effort of the management and all the employees, Hug Int'l Electronics Corp. was able to come up with diversified collections of electronic gadgets in which they named “HUG”.

This particular brand became popular in the Philippines as well as in India, Vietnam and other Asian countries, for its state of the art products like DVD players, televisions, speakers, and now its own line of tablets.

February 2007 was the inception of Sonmax Int'l. Electronics Corp., Hug’s latest enterprise in Manila, Philippines.


“ To provide high quality electronic products with incomparable features that will suit the needs of every individual, and also provide exceptional after sales services. ”




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